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The Netherlands – an iDEAL way to pay

The Netherlands is an exciting market for businesses to tap into. Rather small in size, but constantly evolving and adapting to the new trends. Both online and offline. These trends include how customers prefer to pay online. iDEAL payment option is the key to reach the Dutch shoppers, and we’ll explain why.

Why the Netherlands?

With around 95% of the country using the Internet and the growing population, e-commerce merchants see a huge opportunity here. Currently, the country has more than 16,13 million Internet users, creating a market prone to innovation and modernization.

Total revenue of e-commerce sales is projected to reach US$17,748m in 2020. The e-commerce revenue is expected to have a market volume of US$22,807m in 2025, making it a perfect destination for merchants looking to reach European customers.

What Do Customers Prefer?

Dutch customers are above average when it comes to online shopping. 96% of Duch people aged 15 or older made at least one online purchase last year. Also, the number of online purchases increased, while the number of online shoppers stayed the same. This leads to the conclusion that there is an ascending trend of online shopping per capita. With such an increase in online shopping, this is a huge market opportunity for merchants to tap into.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the biggest increase in online shopping was in the entertainment goods category – from 52% to 58%. It’s important to mention that Duch customers prefer paying with alternative payment options. In 2020, 51% of total eCommerce purchases will be paid by Bank transfer.

There is an abundance of payment options to choose from online. While the choices are endless, Dutch shoppers prefer iDEAL payment option. More than 100000 merchants offer iDEAL payment option, making it #1 in the Dutch online market. In late 2018, it had more than 2 billion online payments. So, why is it so popular amongst shoppers?

Why iDEAL payment option?

The number one thing that separates iDEAL from other payment options is convenience. Customers perform a direct bank transfer in the familiar environment of their bank’s online banking system. Payments are safe, secure, and reliable. Customers are familiar with the payment option and prefer to use it while shopping online.

What makes it even more convenient is the fact that the customers don’t have to create an account to make the payment. A simple login to customer’s online banking is all it takes. All the payments are tracked in the bank statement, making the process fully transparent.

Integrating iDEAL to your website doesn’t have to be cumbersome. By integrating with 2000Charge, you can enjoy the benefits of smooth and convenient onboarding. Also, through a single contract, you can add any of the viable payment options and tap into new markets.

iDEAL payments are your key to reaching Dutch consumers. 2000Charge provides iDEAL payment option, alongside many others. By offering this payment option, you can rest assured that your customers will have a familiar, safe, and reliable way to pay for your goods/services. What more could you wish for!

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