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Grow your business with local payment options

Payment options for global markets

Consumers are able to navigate an unending web of choice. Familiarity breeds comfort. Trusted payment types, language, and currency will offer comfort. Getting a consumer to the front is not the goal, getting them all the way to the register is what matters. Merchants can simplify the customer's path to the register by offering the most trusted payment methods.

Think global, act local

Expand your international market size by up to 30% by accepting locally preferred payment options. Your consumers shop globally and pay locally!

Increase sales

42% of consumers say that a wider selection of payment choices would make it easier for them to spend more. More payment options means more sales.

Increase conversion rates

Reduce shopping cart abandonment with one button that reduces the number of keystrokes needed to checkout.

Voice/SMS Fraud Protection

Our voice/SMS verification is a way to double-check that the consumer is who they say they are. This protects consumer and dramatically reduces your chargebacks.

Payment tokenization

Our payment tokenization feature puts a layer of security between you and your customers because no payment information goes through your system and you store no sensitive information that may be useful to hackers.

Black/ Whitelisting features

In addition to our extensive fraud management system, you can create your blacklists and whitelists, giving you a lot more control of who you want to do business with.

Extended features for seamless processing

Detailed, graphical sales reporting

Our new, easy to read interactive graphical interface is now more powerful with more information and greater control.

Daily settlements available

Now, with our daily settlements, you don’t have to wait to see the money in your account - you get it every day.

Widget based payment

The seamless payment flow ensures you keep the customer on your site. The easier checkout process means you increase your conversions because there is lower form abandonment.

Multiple businesses / properties under one account

You can now view your multiple websites with one login and dashboard for all your properties so you can be more efficient.

Use the innovative 2000Charge API


In less time than it would take you to watch your favorite TV show, you can integrate our RESTful API through an e-commerce platform or by installing a plugin. You get a simpler interface that is reliable and lighter on your system resources.

Extensive webhooks

You no longer need to check every few minutes to find out if there is new information on your transactions. With our webhooks, you can receive the data you want as soon as it exists.

Detailed logging

This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you know what is going on in real time. You have full control of your information and can determine how much or how little information you want.

Example coding libraries

Our pre-built templates mean implementation is quicker and easier. No need to code everything from scratch, saving you time and money.

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